The ASCOM SafetyMonitor Hub.
Figure 1: The ASCOM SafetyMonitor Hub.
At InFINNity Deck various pieces of software are being used to control the equipment and collect data. Some of them are my own development and can be downloaded as freeware, other are either free-ware from others or have been bought from other parties:
Among the Free-ware packages are:
  • AutoStakkert
  • FireCapture
  • Stellarium
  • Cartes du Ciel
  • MountWizzard3
  • jAmaSeis
The non-free software packages include:
  • Astro Pixel Processor (APP)
  • Sequence Generator Pro (SGP)
  • LesveDome

My freeware developments

As I could not arrange everything I needed with these packages, and being a programmer since 1984, I decided to create some tools myself and share them with the astronomical community for free. The tools are written in Java, PHP, VB (C#, .NET), the latter concern the ASCOM drivers which can be used in packages like Sequence Generator Pro (SGP):Disclaimer
In the above list are several SafetyMonitors. I share these with the community in the hope they are beneficial to other (amateur) astronomers. I can, however, not be held responsible for any damage done as a result of a wrong setting or failure of the algorithm(s) or of the driver as a whole (this also accounts for all other freeware downloads on my server). So, use at your own risk and feel free to redistribute it. I would appreciate feedback in case any bugs are found.

If you have any questions and/or remarks please let me know.

The Astronomical Twilight tool.
Figure 2: The Astronomical Twilight tool.
Part of the source code of MountCMD.
Figure 3: Part of the source code of MountCMD.

MountMonitor version 2
Figure 4: MountMonitor version 2
The ASCOM Generic UPS driver.
Figure 5: The ASCOM Generic UPS driver.

The Environment SafetyMonitor showing two UNSAFE observations (generated using random values).
Figure 6: The Environment SafetyMonitor showing two UNSAFE observations (generated using random values).
The Generic File SafetyMonitor.
Figure 7: The Generic File SafetyMonitor.

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