Log10mGrabber graph of 10Micron's MountLogger RA motor readings.
Figure 1: Log10mGrabber graph of 10Micron's MountLogger RA motor readings.
Using 10Micron's MountLogger it is possible to log data from 10Micron's GM1000HPS, GM2000HPS, GM3000HPS and GM4000HPS mounts. These loggings contain a wealth of information that is stored in files with the extension log10m. In case of issues these files are requested by 10Micron so they can open and analyse them to see where things possibly go wrong. As these files are zlib-compressed the owner has no easy way of checking what is in there and whether or not the analysis by 10Micron is correct.
For that reason I initially created MountMonitor and now started a simple Java tool log10mGrabber.
I have been kindly asked by 10Micron to no longer distribute this application as it "...could disclose reserved and sensitive information that could be easily reached by comptetitors..." and could cause "...useless and endless discussions, with a lot of loosing time for our technical staff."
As per firmware version 3.0 the contents of the log10m files has been greatly reduced, predominantly by omitting raw data channels S0-S6. Without these channels it is difficult the address issues, as all that is left in the file is processed data.

If you have any questions and/or remarks please let me know.

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