Venus as imaged on 9 April 2020.
Figure 1: Venus as imaged on 9 April 2020.
On 9 April 2020 transparency and seeing were optimal according to MeteoBlue to image Venus. It had just had its largest elongation from the sun and was at a decent high altitude. Imaging was done using the Celestron C11 XLT EdgeHD, Televue 2 x PowerMate, ZWO ADC and ZWO ASI174MM camera.
To adjust the ADC, I first mounted a ZWO ASI290MC and adjusted the ADC using ZWO ASICAP (the manufacturer's imaging software). Then I swapped the camera for the ASI174MM and took approximately 30,000 frames per RGB colour. Finally stacked 5% of the frames using AutoStakkert and pulled the curves in PSP to get some detail out.

If you have any questions and/or remarks please let me know.

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