The 2020 set-up at InFINNity Deck.
Figure 1: The 2020 set-up at InFINNity Deck.
This section of my website will describe the equipment used at InFINNity Deck. At it the following instruments are currently installed (see figure 1):The telescopes are carried by a 10Micron GM3000HPS mount which is sufficiently large to take this load and to add some more equipment.
For collimation purposes the set was expanded with a Collimator that can also be used as a Dobson telescope. For further testing a Bath-interferometer and a Foucault-test are available as well.
But an observatory is not complete without a sundial, two of which are present: one on the south facing wall of the living quarters, and one facing west on the library wall.

If you have any questions and/or remarks please let me know.

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