Both sundials below the dome of InFINNity Deck.
Figure 1: Both sundials below the dome of InFINNity Deck.
No observatory should be without a sundial! At InFINNity Deck the construction was, however, reversed. Instead of first setting up an observatory, the sundials came first, well before the construction of the observatory came to mind.
On the other hand, having a sundial, means our place was a solar observatory already from the beginning. The addition of the dome and telescopes only completed it.
In the walls below the observatory there are two dials: one facing south (constructed in 2012) and one facing west (constructed in 2017).

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The 2012 south-facing sundial.
Figure 2: The 2012 south-facing sundial.
The 2017 west-facing sundial.
Figure 3: The 2017 west-facing sundial.

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2012 South facing sundial 2017 West facing sundial