Sunspot data

Sunspot data is available for the following periods:

2022Q4 2022Q3 2022Q2 2022Q1
2021Q4 2021Q3 2021Q2 2021Q1

The data presented in this section of is collected for Leif Svalgaard's Solar Observing Project: Re-calibrating Historical Sunspot Observations of the AAVSO. Data is collected by projecting the Sun on a paper sheet using a 60mm diameter 1490mm focal length Galilean Type Telescope (GTT60), stopped down to 30mm diameter (f/50), and equipped with a 24mm diameter, -75mm focal length, plano-concave eyepiece (20x magnification).

Using pencil the visible sunspots are drawn onto the paper, which then is scanned and uploaded to this site together with an image of the Sun taken shortly after the sketch was made using a SkyWatcher Esprit 150ED apochromatic refractor.

Due to maintenance on the mount, data is missing for the period 2 November 2021 to 22 Febuary 2022.

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