MountMonitor v.2
Figure 1: MountMonitor v.2
As I wanted to know how well the 10Micron GM3000 HPS mount in our observatory holds its proper DEC and RA while tracking (I am doing unguided astrophotography), I have written a small Java tool called MountMonitor. MountMonitor can be downloaded from my server:

The tool records time, RA and DEC at various polling intervals and displays them graphically, together with a running standard deviation for the last 60 seconds. A tolerance level (between 0.05 and 60'') can be set and any deviation from it is recorded time-stamped in a separate log file. The software does not change any mount settings. The commands used are the LX200 commands as described in the 10Micron document Mount Command Protocol Software version 2.15.8 of 25 October 2017. Being written in Java it should run on all Java supported platforms.

The slinky seismometer in my observatory.
Figure 2: The slinky seismometer in my observatory.
MountMonitor also allows to monitor vibrations using a seismometer. In addition MM2 has a Fast Fourier Transformation display that allows to see the RA, DEC and seismometer data in the frequency and period domains.

In order to use the seismometer functionality MM2 needs to be registered using an e-mail address (can be set in preferences after which the user will receive an activation e-mail). The registration is for free. MM2 does collect some user data:
  • E-mail address (when set in prefs)
  • Observatory name (when set in prefs)
  • Mount type
  • Mount id
All this data is purely for personal interest and will not be shared with third parties.

If you have any questions and/or remarks please let me know.

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